navigating life's shadows with chocolate & reluctant yoga


Sparrow Adams is a novelist, memoirist, and technical writer. She is a professional recording artist, accomplished musician, prolific songwriter, public speaker, and business owner. Balancing the duties and vagaries of parenting, recording, following the creative muse, closing a multimillion-dollar-deal, she straddles an impressive expanse of left and right-brain worlds, all while wearing her pink fuzzy robe.

Sparrow has worked for years serving women who are recovering from trauma. She was born and raised in a religious community. A recovering fundamentalist and a survivor of domestic and sexual violence she tells her stories with vulnerability, courage, sensitivity, and humor. She battles Advanced Chronic Lyme disease and weaves the reality of life through her writings, with authenticity, gratitude, humility, and a little cussing.

She has been the CEO of a national organization for twenty plus years, served on multiple non-profit boards and continues to fill her calendar with speaking engagements. Sparrow has been a fixture on the Cambridge list of Who’s Who for many years. Sparrow has secured many degrees, licenses, and certifications as an eager lifelong learner. She currently holds a BS in Business Management, AS in Nursing, BS in Biblical Studies and is earning her BFA in Creative Writing.

Sparrow currently lives in Michigan where the seasons keep changing. She has three beautiful children and two loyal Golden doodles, Doctor Mister Maxwell Percival PhD Dog and Ms. Betty Folklore. Sparrow blogs at and makes music at She is published at Her music spins at,,, and