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If I love you, I cook for you!

If I love you, I cook for you!

#carbonara #homemadecookies 🍪

I’ve spent hours upon hours in the kitchen. Tweaking, sampling, experimenting, perfecting. I love every single second of it. When something doesn’t quite turn out, I lay in bed in the evening thinking about what I need to do different tomorrow.

You guys and gals, who knew how easy it was to make carbonara pasta. This was a layered dish. Overall quick and simple but still must be steady with the timing of mixing your egg and Parmesan. After all, we don’t want scrambled eggs and pasta, we just want creamy and smooth pasta. Yum. Yum sums this dinner up! I didn’t get to taste or eat it but my team says “yum.”

Don’t be afraid to experiment, try all of the crazy and fun ideas in your head. You don’t need recipes. You need to get your hands on the food and feel and listen. Let it guide and direct you to the next step.

Oh and let’s not forget about the cookies. A moment of silence for the amazing cookies warm out of the oven. Delish.

If I love you, I cook for you.

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